why i do what i do.

I’m a pretty simple person. Taking my pups on walks, looking up at the stars and find constellations, listening to the birds while sitting on the patio and sipping on tea - those simple, peaceful moments are what I live for.

My goal as a photographer has always been to capture beautiful moments as they unfold, but I want to do more than just that. I want to tell your story and showcase your legacy in all it's beauty.

Being authentic is what makes your photos so special. I am not about those "posey, gotta have it, Instagram worthy" photos. I'm about real, beautiful photos of things that actually happen in your life.

You know, those beautiful memories.

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Some stuff you need to know about me

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

my dogs. duh.

communication + journalism.

My favorite person is

Nothing makes me happier than

cuddling up with my pups.

my mom.

I started this business

I’m addicted to

the office.

while i was in college.

My best friend

My perfect hobby

arts + crafts.

my boyfriend, reige.