October 3, 2019

Intimate AutoCamp Yosemite Wedding – Todd + Annalee


It's not everyday you get to be one of the first couples married at such an awesome venue! From the moment I heard about AutoCamp, I was so thrilled that was where Todd and Annalee were getting married. Their intimate wedding is what dreams are made of. Every little detail was planned out and perfectly executed by a wonderful team of vendors. Thank you Todd + Annalee for choosing me to capture and tell your love story for a lifetime. There were so many amazing artists that went into creating this spectacular wedding day. Photography: C'anna Rix Florals + Rentals: Stockroom Picks + Picked Floristry Makeup: Makeup by Janelle Marshall Venue: AutoCamp Yosemite If you are a photographer and you are going to shoot at a new location, here are some tips to making sure you are prepared. 1. Scout the location beforehand. If you are able to get there the day before or the week before to check things out, do it. It will make you feel more comfortable knowing that you've checked out the location. 2. If you can't get there the day pr week before the shoot, arrive early and walk around. Find spots you like and that inspire you. 3. Embrace it and have fun.